Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

1912 - 1913

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Various entries 1912 and 1913 


Left Marine Ways October 3, 1925, started at same place June 22, 1898

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Dr. Lee Riggs 1845-1905

On Monday July 29, 1912 a flash of lightning knocked down 12 or 14 men at the Marine Ways. Paul Cochenaur was unconscious for two and one-half hours. Louis Heil for 30 minutes, John Maloney Jr. stunned, Paul was pretty bad after 24 hours. The worst hurt were Calkers. Others shocked were McClure, Congrave, William Hunter, John Duke, Charles Stidard, James E. Reed. It struck the smokestack of the Steamer Iron Sides, she was on the top yard and the calkers were under the ash wells. The boat was not damage

The Steamer Iron Age after being wrecked and salvaged was burnt up Wednesday August 21, 1912 on the shore above Fallen Timber Run.

The sawmills at the Marine Ways burnt down on Tuesday March 4, 1913. The machinery is not damaged beyond repair, the saws and belting are lost, loss about $7,000.00. This the fourth time I've seen the sawmill burnt at this yard. Tearing down the Old Square Brick Stack March 7, 1913, this stack was built early in the 1860 s. The Old Joseph Walton Co. sawmill at West Elizabeth was taken down and rebuilt at the Ways 1913.

1912 to 1913

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