Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

February 1909

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February 13, 1909 to December 17, 1909


Steamer Harry Brown Docked Saturday February 13, 1909   Pat Turney Captain   this was a big job.  all new Hull inside and out  details in small book  all new deck and S. Beam   in the River Monday April 26, 1909  towed to Pittsburgh Monday May 10, 1909 by Steamer Little Fred.  we had to leave her fantails off so she could get through Lock #4  about same men on her as I had on the Fallie

On Model Barge W.H. Osborne  May 5, 1909  making coal barge out of her

hurt my arm last week of February, 1909  kept geting worse until I had to stop work on May 25, 1909  finally went to Youngstown Saturday June 12, 1909 to see Bonesetter Reese  he found my shoulder out of place  he fixed me up and I went to work Monday June 14, 1909

on Steamer Fritz for new Hull but  put on cylinder timbers   aft bulkheads  Rudders and tillers all new   Hull  almost new   finished her July 20, 1909

Tuesday July 13, 1909  Steamer Tom Dodsworth Docked   went on her Wednesday 14th for new Hull and cylinder timbers  Billie Craft  Engineer - Dave Sykes  Mate

Carpenters and Calkers strikeing at the Ways August 1, 1909 for 10 per cent raise  now geting 3.00  still out November 1, 1909  raising cain marching with Drums etc   finally a court injunction stoped them some.

Have 18 men on the Dodsworth  finished planking her October 29, 1909  all new 14" Chain braces  set her Wheel aft 18"

Steamer Boaz docked  Wednesday  - Friday December 17, 1909  for 4 new after main chain braces 14 x 14

February 13, 1909 to December 17, 1909

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