Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

August 1905

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August 5, 1905 to February 9, 1906


Saturday August 27, 1905  going on Steamer Sam Clarke for a new hull and deck under Boilers and all cabins pulled back to Lar side and repairs all over the Boat.   1055 Days Labor

Steamer Sam Clarke taken to Browns Shop for new Boilers  Tuesday eve October 31, 1905

now repairing Model Barge Maryland,  went off Barge Monday November 13, 1905   went on Steamer Dave Wood for almost new Hull

The longest Boat on the Ways  Steamer S.H.H. Clark for a new stern and other extensive repairs

December 16, 1905  Dave Wood well on in the River  Thursday December 21, 1905  finished on her January 1, 1906

Fair New Years Day  20 degrees  warming up at noon

now on Steamer Tornado for general repairs finished on January 15, 1906

on Model Barge #32  for all around repairs

January 26, 1906 on Steamer Braddock for broken hog chains  broke them coming up over Dam #2

Monday January 29 on Model Barge Neptune then on Coal Hoist Memphis for large repairs  finished Hoist sat February 10, 1906  now puting up new chain braces on Model Barge Emperor

S.H.H. Clark in the River Friday February 9, 1906  ready for Steel timbers and wheel

worked out new pair of Pitmans for S.H.H. Clark    fir  26"x28"x43'5"

working fender cavils and saddles and line kevels

August 5, 1905 to February 9, 1906

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