Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

June 1904

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June 11, 1904 to September 24, 1904


week June 11, 1904  puting on reinforcing straps on Pitman straps on Steamer Relief.  Steamers Iron Age and Tom Dodsworth are on the Ways

Saturday June 18, 1904  making templets on Wash Gray.  frame and templets for reinforcing cylinder timbers on Iron Age  repairing her rudders and floor timbers   on her June 25, 1904 on general repairs.   John Martin is Engineer

Notice is posted today of .25 cent per day reduction in wages and a shut down to take effect July 1, 1904

Saturday July 2, 1904 finished on Iron Age  went on Tom Dodsworth puting down Kevels and chocks  finished Saturday evening.  everything shut down Sat eve July 2

Worked Monday July 11, 1904 to Wednesday 13th repairing board walks for the Borough.

Built new Water closet for George Wright   worked at old Lock #3 for 1/2 day with George Ausburn and worked 1 1/2 days at Clairton Steel Mill as Labor Boss.

Resumed work at Marine Ways September 12, 1904 on Wash Gray  worked fenders for Steamers Rival - Charles Brown and Steamer Boaz - also yawl davits1 for Steamer Rival

Saturday September 24, 1904  on Wash Gray unshiping shaft

Back to 1898 - work in the mill April 21 on wheel Arms and keys for Steamer Delta - Keys for Steamer Elizabeth   coal boxes and wheel barrows for W.W. Oneil Coal Company   April   filed band saws and ground planer bitts   worked on wheel stuff for Steamer Delta

New Shaft on Steamer Belle McGowan April 23, 1898.  wheel finished April 24, 1898

1) Davits are similar to a crane boom, used to lift the work boats or yawls in and out of the river

June 11, 1904 to September 24, 1904

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