Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

January 1908

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January 27, 1908 to February 6, 1908


Steamer T.J. Wood Docked Monday January 27, 1908 for general repairs  have 7 men on her, finished Saturday February 1, 1908   same day started two men repairing revolving derrick Boat  this forenoon quite warm  came back at noon in the rain and later it was a Howling Blizzard a dip of 25 degrees

Monday February 3, 1908  Steamer Stella Moren towing a Bulldozer through a river full of Ice ran into the Steamer Little Fred  tore off an Iron Kevel  a pcs of nosing  a pcs of Plank shear   threw her boilers against the Cabin stanchion, broke all her pipe couplings and wrecked everything from her coal box to the deck room   I was standing in her deck room door   saw the Moren coming, quartering across the River and she never stoped.  I waited so long and then beat it.   Captain Frank Gilmore SR was at the Wheel.  Little Fred just had new Hull and had not steam up yet

Tuesday February 4, 1908  repairing Steamer Little Fred   try to put her back ship shape   have on her William Packard - Arch McQuawn - Tom Warren - William Morgan - Link Pancost - F. Wunderlick

 February 5, 1908  on Wheel Job  Steamer Charles Clarke with Morgan - Pancost - Warren - Wunderlich - Meyers - Curry.  finished at 1 Oclock AM. the Ice is bad and night work is worse, then went on Steamer Bertha  finished her at 5:10 A.M.  with McNamee raised her tow behind 12"log and fastened same securely,  Clark, Morgan and Warren braced her sides for Ice.

Thursday February 6, 1908  Wheel Job on Steamer Tornado with  Morgan - Warren - McNamee - L. Pancost - Wunderlick and William Kassler.

Friday and Saturday on Barge Louisville and Revolving Derrick Boat

January 27, 1908 to February 6, 1908

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