Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

November 10,1913

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November 10, 1913 to November 17, 1910 


Steamer Charlie Clarke docked November 10, 1913 for a general repair job

Steamer The Little Fred docked Tuesday November 11, 1913   repairs to sheet iron guards - rudders repaired putting 5" pieces on the bottom of these  -   slapjacking main Kelsin under the Doctor & Throttle - bracing middle bulkhead - the men are all pretty near back at work - off the Ways Friday November 14, 1913

Wheel Job on Steamer Carbon Saturday November 15, 1913

Fire destroyed the Boiler House at the Marine Ways Monday morning November 17, 1913 at 6 AM   supposed to have been started by a barrel of Lime which high water surrounded. This lime was sitting back of the Boiler   the engines are not damaged - the building is all burnt   the River raised all day Saturday 15 and Sunday the 16 and on the 17th a stage of 31'8" and very muddy    falling Monday eve

the old wreck of the Steamer W.W. Oneil broke loose on this rise and is on the River bank at the upper end of Clairton Mill Yard

The Steamer Henry Lourie is beached across from the Ways

The Steamer Ed Roberts is beached above the mouth of Fallin timber run November 17, 1913

November 10, 1913 to November 17, 1910

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