Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Those that Worked

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This page contains pictures of those who worked at the Elizabeth Marine Ways during the early 1900s.  A few of the pictures have names to help identify the men.  If you have additional information on any of the men in these pictures please contact me.

When you click on the picture on this page you will be taken to a larger version of the picture, I have intentionally left these as a large file which means it could take a few seconds to download.  As a large picture it will give you the ability to see the faces easier.


Workers at Marine Ways   ETHS    Workers at Marine Ways  names from back of photo

This picture is from the collection of the Elizabeth Township Historical Society.  It shows the Steamer W.W. O'Neil on the top yard at the Elizabeth Marine Ways, with her wheel off. The picture was taken circa 1900, based upon the history of the early boats at the Ways and the fact that W.W. O'Neil is included in the picture.

The names on the back of the picture have many gaps and is difficult to follow because of the uneven lines the men were in. 
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Workers at Marine Ways 1904   ETHS    Workers at Marine Ways 1904  from back of photo.

This photo, also from the collection of the Elizabeth Township Historical Society, was taken around 1902.  This date is based upon the approximate age (9) of my grandfather, Bill Lynch - Waterboy, shown sitting on the table in the middle of the picture.


Workers at Marine Ways  ETHS

Date is unknown, there were no names on the back of the photo. From the collection of the Elizabeth Township Historical Society.


Workers at Marine Ways

This photo appeared in the June 1978 issue of S&D Reflector with several other photos taken at the Elizabeth Marine Ways. The approximate time frame is 1905. 


Diving Crew at Elizabeth Marine Ways 1907   From Collection of William Lynch  Diver with Crew Repairing Ways   Circa 1907    ETHS

These photos are dated 1907, my grandfather is Bill Lynch and was 14 years old. Divers are mentioned in the journal as doing work on the "tracks" which lead from the river into the boat yard. The boats were pulled into the yard on these tracks.


Replica of New Orleans 1911 from S&D Reflector    Replica of New Orleans 1911   ETHS

These two pictures are related to the building of the replica of the Steamer New Orleans during late summer 1911.  The first picture appeared in the S&D Reflector in an article about the Steamer New Orleans and the second picture is from the collection of ETHS.


Men on the Steamer Slackwater taken at Elizabeth Marine Ways  

This photo appears in the book " The Monongahela, River of Dreams, River of Sweat" by Arthur Parker and is credited with being taken at the Elizabeth Marine Ways. Arthur Parker indicates the picture is from the collection of Consolidation Coal, The Combine.

The Slackwater is mentioned in the journal in March and June 1915

Click here to see the Steamer Slackwater.


Office workers, probably at Elizabeth Marine Ways   Office Worker, probably at Elizabeth Marine Ways

These two photos are from the collection of the Elizabeth Marine Ways. Based upon the fact they are part of the collection of the Elizabeth Marine Ways it seems highly probable that the photos were taken in the office of the Elizabeth Marine Ways.  Based upon the dress of the workers and the decor I am dating these photos as early 1920s.

Read about the Office Staff during the early 1920s.

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Capt Ellis Foster  July 1934  Lock 1    Theodore Foster, brother of Ellis Foster

These two pictures are from the collection of the Elizabeth Marine Ways.  

The first picture is Captain Ellis Foster taken during July 1934 at Lock 1, river unknown.  It is known that Captain Ellis Foster was master of the Steamer Ranger in 1938, in 1934 when this picture is dated his job responsibilities are unknown.

The second picture was labeled as "Deck Hands" with no other information given. This photo has been identified by the granddaughter of Ellis Foster as being Theodore Foster, brother of Ellis, who is seen in the photo on the left. It would be a logical assumption that since both photos were found together that they may have been taken by the same individual at the same time, July 1934, an assumption only.

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